Office of the Rector and President

The Office of the Rector and President exercises general control and supervision over all the offices in the University.

Powers, Functions, and Duties

  1. Nurture spiritual formation among its constituents.
  2. Maintain and promote the highest standards of academic excellence and create an atmosphere most conducive to learning.
  3. Ensure that all rules and regulations of the University are faithfully executed and pertinent laws of the country are respected.
  4. Implement the objectives and policies of the University set forth by the Board of Trustees.
  5. Reorganize any unit of the University where such reorganization would not need the hiring or dismissal of any regular employee.
  6. Create councils, commissions, and committees as he may deem fit and necessary for the successful operation of the University.
  7. Call, prepare the agenda of, and preside over the meetings of the Rector and President’s Council, Executive Committee, Economic Council, and Management Committee.
  8. Approve the appointment, promotion, demotion, disciplinary action, transfer, dismissal, suspension, resignation, and retirement of employees.
  9. Confer academic degrees, honors, and titles with the concurrence of the Academic Council, the Board of Trustees, and government agencies regulating or supervising educational institutions.
  10. Perform other functions inherent to the office of a chief executive.

Office of the Rector and President Staff and Directory

Rowena A. Velasco

Administrative Staff

Mary Joy B. Ajon

Executive Secretary

Contact numbers: 736-0358, 736-0335, 736-0368 local 281 or 280, and 482-0540

Email address:

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