Preschool and Elementary

The Preschool and Elementary education conceived by the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi implements a basic education program that addresses competencies on the basic learning areas especially in Science, Mathematics, Communication and the Arts designed in accordance with the institution’s educational philosophy and mission vision to pursue and maintain quality education. It is competency-based that features thematic conceptual educational programming and constructivist teaching learning strategies.

It aims towards developing pupils who have strong Filipino identity steeped in values of life, love, truth, and gratitude and are excellently prepared to pursue secondary education.

As a whole, the department not only nurtures the mind but also equips pupils with spiritual and moral values which will enable them to live in a manner befitting an educated member of the church and society, thus inculcation of values is integrated in all learning areas.


We envision ourselves to be a premier Dominican Preschool and Elementary department that provides quality education where each pupil demonstrates strong Filipino and Bicolano identity steeped in values of life, love, truth and a commitment to moral and academic excellence in a deregulated university by 2025.


The Preschool and Elementary Department aims to set foundation to educate the young and promote holistic development among pupils towards integral Christian formation in preparation for Secondary Education.



(Nursery, Preparatory, and Kindergarten)
The Preschool program ensures the holistic development of the child – physical, social, moral, spiritual, and psychological – to be better prepared to tackle formal school work.

ELEMENTARY (Grade 1 to 6)

The Elementary program ensures the intellectual, physical, psychosocial, moral, and spiritual dimensions in the holistic development of the children by affording them with the skills, attitudes, and values essential to learning.


• Air-conditioned classrooms
• Play Area (Playroom and Playground)
• Children’s Library with Audio-visual (AV) Area
• Science Laboratory
• Home Economics Room
• Computer Laboratory
• Aralinks Coding Education (ACE) Room
• Eating and waiting areas which include kiosks within the school premises



• After School Program (Enhancement and Enrichment)
• Weekend Arts Program
• Sports Clinic
• Various Club Activities


• Eucharistic Celebration and Recollection
• School and Community Outreach Programs
• Boy Scout and Girl Scout Encampments
• Family Day
• Intramurals
• Symposia, Trainings, and Workshops (First Aid, Leadership, and Writing)
• University Week
• Monthly School-based Activities


  • The only Premier Dominican University in Bicol
  • Holistic Thomasian Education
  • Commitment to Academic Excellence, Moral Formation, and Emotional Maturity
  • Enriched industry experience
  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • Highly-esteemed faculty members
  • With PAASCU and PACUCOA Accredited and Re-accredited Programs
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System



  • 736 – 0335
  • 736 – 0358
  • 736 – 0368


  • 274 – Assistant Principal (Preschool and Elementary)
  • 278 – Admissions
  • 201 – Registrar
  • 214 – Testing



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