Development Fund

Help and build UST-Legazpi Development Fund! It is a trust fund conceived to support the University’s mission of providing a holistic education in a life of truth and love, out of gratitude.

It affords a lot of opportunities to return to God and the University one’s blessings by assisting in the priority projects of UST-Legazpi. Being a “gift that keeps on giving”, UST-Legazpi Development Fund becomes an avenue for alumni, friends, supporters, and members of the community to help and build a leading, deregulated Dominican University in the region.


The University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, a devoted advocate of holistic formation gives due importance to academic excellence, moral formation, and emotional maturity. As such, the institution has continually sought ways to extend assistance and provide opportunities to financially handicapped students as part of its commitment to outstanding scholastic development. The scholarships and financial assistance are modeled to assist underprivileged but intellectually capable students. There are various scholarship programs. In the University -.Academic Scholarship, Student Assistant Program, Sports Scholarship, Culture, and Arts Scholarship. Each is subject to particular terms and conditions. Each has a particular project cost. SUPPORT A SCHOLAR NOW!

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Professorial Chair

Committed to the pursuit and cultivation of academic excellence, UST-Legazpi is dedicated to maintain and/or upgrade its teaching roster. Thus, the university endeavors to implement programs and/or grant incentives to qualified faculty members who may be assets towards the university’s vision of academic excellence. The Professorial Chair will enable UST-Legazpi to augment the fund allotted for such programs and/or incentives. It shall be funded by individuals. Institutions, and/or corporations who share the university’s vision to be a leader in Bicol in various fields of study as well as continually serve its clientele with excellence. BE A PROFESSORIAL CHAIR PARTNER!

Community Development

UST-Legazpi seeks to deepen social awareness and intensify the passion for social involvement among its students, personnel, and alumni. It endeavors to foster Christian social transformation and development of marginalized and underserved communities into self-reliant and empowered partners nurtured with truth, love, and gratitude. HELP US BUILD AND SERVE COMMUNITIES!

Educational Technology

Technology has revolutionized the landscape of teaching and learning. Schools across the world have used technological innovations to education’s advantage. Today, effective implementation of technology-integrated instruction and assessment is an indicator of a school’s ability to adapt to the changing needs of the times.

With its Education Technology Center, UST-Legazpi continually innovates not only a student learning experience but also administrative processes and functions. Among these many efforts to effectively integrate technology into education are the implementation of ARALINKS e-learning programs in the Basic Education Department as well as the venture into robotics.

The Educational Technology Program will be used to support the bigger dreams of UST-Legazpi as it strives to be a premier university in the region that is not only known for its infrastructure development but also its up-to-date approach to education. PROVIDE INTEGRATION IN INSTRUCTION BE A DONOR OF TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION!

Laboratories and Instrumentation

An important aid to holistic learning is well- equipped laboratories. Trends and innovations in the various sciences call for the investment to more updated laboratories that may provide students with authentic learning experiences. The Laboratories and instrumentation Program will enable UST-Legazpi not only to equip its laboratories with sufficient and advanced materials but also to invite enthusiasm for the field and/or experimental research. BE A CONTRIBUTOR TO STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITIES FOR EXCELLENT MINDS!


Libraries have been, for ages, the heart of the academe. The digitalization of the educational environment is both challenge and an opportunity for libraries globally. To respond to this reality, UST-Legazpi strives to continually reinvent its library by keeping its resources and materials up-to-date, banking-up its virtual collections, as well as remodeling its area into more conducive work and learning spaces.

The Library Program will enable UST-Legazpi to create a more sustainable learning environment that is responsive to the dynamic demands of 21st-century education. PARTICIPATE IN OUR LIBRARY MODERNIZATION FOR EXCELLENT EDUCATION!

Personnel Development

UST-Legazpi, recognizing that people are its most important resource for sustaining excellent instruction, research and community involvement, and operational service performance, supports the mutual education goals of the university and its employees through formal study grants and/or cash loan assistance.

The Personnel Development Program will enable UTS-Legazpi to augment the fund allotted for programs and incentives for administrators, faculty, and non-teaching staff who avail of the said program. It shall be founded by individuals, institutions, and/or corporations who share the university’s vision to be a leader in Bicol in various fields of study as well as to continually serve its clientele with excellence. BE A PEOPLE-DEVELOPER, CONTRIBUTE TO THE PERSONNEL DEVELOPMENT FUND!


In its vision to achieve a deregulated university status by 2025, UST-Legazpi fortifies its research culture through the following: conduct of academic and administrative researchers; conduct of and participation to regional and national research seminars and symposia; presentation of researches in national and international conferences; and publication of online refereed journals. The university also endeavors to establish itself as the center for Bikol studies. The University Research Agenda are Bicol Culture and Growth Development, Business, Management and Enterprise Development, Health, Human, and Medical Science, Environment and sustainable development, Humanities, Human Expression and Facilities, Good Governance and Social Policy, Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Educational and Instruction, and Religion. JOIN US IN ADVANCING OUR RESEARCH AGENDA!

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