Our Vision

The Bikol Studies Center envisions itself to be the leader in promoting, preserving and propagating Bikol history and cultural heritage through instruction, research, and extension service.

Our Mission

The Bikol Studies Center commits itself to the enrichment of Bikol history, cultural heritage, and scientific and technological research that will fortify community-based partnerships and collaboration with local, national, and international institutions.

Our Objectives

  1. To foster an environment that promotes respect, diversity, and self awareness
  2. To reinforce cultural links and cultural awareness among Bicolanos
  3. To develop the passion to undertake continual analysis of one’s own existence
  4. To foster positive social skills
  5. To promote understanding of diverse backgrounds and cultures
  6. To strengthen social and ethical norms
  7. To encourage and promote excellence in cultural research
  8. To promote Bikol history, culture and the arts
  9. To provide services for research on local history and vernacular languages
  10. To provide access to a storehouse of cultural materials constituted as canon
  11. To ensure compliance of the related requirements on governance and management of BSC prescribed by statutory and regulatory bodies
  12. To achieve excellent implementation of the targets and plans of BSC
  13. To comply with the quality standards set by the university and in accordance with national and international standards in all undertakings

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