Vision, Mission, and Objectives

Our Vision

We, the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, in a life of truth and love out of gratitude, envision the University as a premier Catholic institution of learning for Thomasians whose minds and hearts are nurtured and molded for Christian social transformation. Thus, we work in making the University:

  • a Christ-centered educational community;​
  • a respected HEI with consistently high academic standard and​ values-oriented, socially responsive and globally competitive​ academic programs;
  • a reputable leader in Primary and Secondary Science Education, Religious and Teacher Education, Business Management, Accountancy, Engineering, Architecture, Fine Arts, Communication and Liberal Arts, Health Sciences, Law and Graduate Studies;​
  • a prominent teaching hospital in the region;
  • a renowned center for Bikol Studies, community development, environmental protection, and disaster risk management;
  • a leading university for professional development, quality management, innovation, internationalization, and financial sustainability; and
  • a deregulated university by 2025.

Our Mission

We, the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, a Dominican institution of learning under the patronage of St. Thomas Aquinas commit ourselves to:

  • the pursuit of excellence in academics and health services through dedicated study;​
  • the strengthening of our moral integrity through fervent prayer and witnessing;
  • the sharing with others the fruits of our endeavor through loving service;
  • the enhancement of our emotional maturity towards an integrated Christian community; and​
  • the promotion of cultural advocacy for a genuine appreciation of Catholic, Filipino, and Bikol identity.

Our Objectives

  • To foster among Legazpi Thomasians a culture of charity borne out of gratitude;
  • To create an educational environment that instills robust sense of Christian and professional values for public service;
  • To promote within the University a work ethic in the spirit of service, collegiality, and solidarity;
  • To offer spiritual, moral, and emotional formation programs to members of our community;
  • To advocate social justice through equitable socio-economic relations, respect for human rights and cultural diversity;
  • To develop the course programs for strategic partnerships and transformative education;
  • To achieve excellent academic performance specifically in licensure exams;
  • To work for the local and international accreditation of academic programs;
  • To respond to the changing local and global opportunities and challenges;
  • To be the center for training and development of faculty and support personnel in various fields of education, especially in Catechetical formation and healthcare education;
  • To provide an avenue for researches and training in medical and health services of students and professionals in health sciences;
  • To provide community health programs for the less privileged;
  • To engage healthcare professionals in the delivery of holistic health services;
  • To establish UST-Legazpi as the center for Bikol studies in research, language, culture, and the arts;
  • To engage all stakeholders in community development and extension programs;
  • To maintain a balanced and healthful ecology;
  • To be a center for solid waste and disaster risk management;
  • To comply with the requirements of a university;
  • To ensure institutional sustainability and viability thru quality systems, procedures, and sound resource management;
  • To optimize talents for self-development, communal welfare, and regional distinction; and
  • To promote health of mind and body through sustained scientifically-based wellness programs.

Our Quality Policy Statement

In a life of truth and love out of gratitude, we offer Thomasian Education!

And in our dedication to provide a holistic Catholic and Dominican spiritual formation, instruction, research, creative work, governance, management and community service, and in our pursuit to continually improve the educational system for the satisfaction of our clients, we, the UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS–LEGAZPI, are committed to excellence by setting quality objectives, based on national and international standards.

Our Core Values

In a LIFE of TRUTH and LOVE out of GRATITUDE, I am a Legazpi Thomasian whose mind and heart are nurtured and molded by STUDY and PRAYER, for Christian SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION.

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