The HERAS Tomasino anchoring the HELPS Framework of the Center for Community Involvement is aligned with instruction, functions of the department/college, and other academic activities. The framework complements some areas of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and programs of the government.  As a catholic university, the spiritual and moral component becomes the unique features of the HELPS framework.
The framework shows two objectives for the community and the institution. HELPS framework is an acronym for H-Health, E-Education, L-Livelihood -P-Physical/Infrastructure, and S- Spiritual and Moral Formation. These are its major programs and services which will mobilize respective departments based on their specialization. This framework guides the implementation of comprehensive community development of the institution.


(UST-Legazpi Community Involvement Health Program and UST-Legazpi Community Involvement Nutrition Program)

These programs aimed in collaborating with the partner communities in improving the health condition of the adopted partner community through health and wellness projects and activities.

The College of Health Sciences, University Clinic, UST-Legazpi Hospital, Center for Sports, Wellness, Culture and the Arts (CSWCA), and Office of Guidance and Testing (OGT) collaborate in promoting health awareness activities and services for the various undertakings and successful implementation. The collaboration among the departments allows enhancement of the program of work to ensure continued support and cooperation among the administrators, faculty, barangay officials, students, and alumni.

Lead department: College of Health Sciences (CHS)


(UST-Legazpi Community Involvement Education Program, UST-Legazpi Care for Creation Program, UST-Legazpi Evening School, and UST-Legazpi REAP Program)

The University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is a co-implementer of the University of Santo Tomas-Angelicum project entitled, Re-entry Education Agenda for the Poor (REAP). The CCI has been supervising the implementation of the REAP program since 2011 in coordination with the College of Arts, Sciences and Education (CASE) and other academic departments.  It is an academic undertaking of volunteer students as tutors and faculty from other colleges as well.

The education and literacy programs’ purpose is to improve the academic performance of the targeted beneficiaries and enhance the student’s practical skills. The recipients of free basic and catholic education are out-of-school youth and elementary pupils of the partner community. The College of Law participates also in the Education Program. The students of the College of Law render legal assistance to the college as part of the student’s practicum.

Lead department: College of Arts, Sciences, and Education (CASE)


(UST-Legazpi Community Involvement Livelihood Program)

The Livelihood Program that includes entrepreneurship is a means of making a living. It includes skills training for the partner community. The skills training shall provide livelihood activities that require the production of activities found to be profitable for the people.

The College of Business Management and Accountancy, and the Finance Division of the university are the lead departments in implementing various projects and activities such as cooperative development.

Lead department: College of Business Management and Accountancy (CBMA)


(UST-Legazpi Community Involvement Spiritual Formation Program, UST-Legazpi Catechism of the Catholic Church and UST-Legazpi Sacramental Celebration for Community Involvement Program, UST-Legazpi Education for Evangelization Program)

The Division of Religious Affairs through its Center for Campus Ministry (CCM) and Center for Religious Education (CREED) with the assistance of the Religious Organization shall ensure the Spiritual and Moral Formation Program of the university for the community. This aims at enlivening the spiritual life of the community through the promotion of catholic and formation values through recollections and motivational talks.

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