Statutes and Organizational Structure

Parents and Teachers Association

The Parents and Teachers Association of Aquinas University of Legazpi High School Department brings together parents and teachers in achieving a common goal: ensure the welfare of the students. The functions of the PTA are important as parents can build rapport and discuss issues regarding their child and school. Joining in this association will let your child know that you put great importance in their education. The Parents and Teachers Association will also keep you updated on your child’s school progress and the school’s activities.

PTA is also seen as an agent of change as parents are given the chance of voicing out their ideas and suggestions. By being involved in this association, you’ll also take part in making positive changes in the school. The PTA plays an important role in the success of Aquinas University of Legazpi High School Department as it helps in raising funds for building improvements and other social events.



The Finance Office of Aquinas University of Legazpi is responsible for all institutional financial management, reporting and planning. All these functions are carried out by the following departments: Accounting Department, Cashier and Purchasing Department.


Accounting Department

The Accounting Department of Aquinas University of Legazpi stores all the student’s and alumni’s financial records. The office’s primary function is to assess the school fees and also to issue the clearance of accounts to the students of the University.



The Cashier’s Office of Aquinas University of Legazpi is tasked to accept and maintain complete accounting records of every payment made by the student. Another function of the office is to credit the funds to appropriate accounts and deposit them to the University’s bank.


Purchasing Department

The Purchasing Department of Aquinas University of Legazpi has the mission of providing effective and responsive procurement services. Also, this department purchases high quality goods and services at reasonable prices. The department ensures that all the needed services and goods are delivered to the faculty, students in order to support research and instructional programs of the University. The purchasing processes must first conform to the school’s policies and regulations.


Structural Mechanisms for Academic Research

In order to promote AQ Research Culture, there must not only be substantial principles but strategic mechanisms to assure the progressive development of the articulated conceptual framework. Such mechanisms refer to systematic structures that explicitly show the different research programs and activities thereby enriching the participation of all academic levels in the actual conduct, production, and dissemination of all defined research actions. To actualize the perceived goals, the creation of Academic Research Bureau, the selection of Academic Research Coordinator, and the institutionalization of College Research Council are imperative.


Academic Research Bureau (ARB)

The Academic Research Bureau (ARB) shall be headed by the Academic Research Coordinator (ARC) and composed of the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and the Coordinator for the Center of Community Extension Services as members-at-large, and the College Research Coordinators. The ARB shall be under and with the powers of the Office of Academic Affairs which decisions can only be reversed by the Council of Deans, the Academic Council, and by the Rector and President.

The ARB shall be the leading body of the Office of Academic Affairs for research. It shall accept and process applications for research grants, review and approve faculty development researches, plan and implement the University Research Agenda and Program, and represent the University in external research conferences, fora, and colloquia. It shall also formulate and implement University research Guidelines, Procedures, and Protocols.


Academic Research Coordinator (ARC)

General Description

Responsible for assisting the OIC/VR OAA in developing the research agenda, organization, and networks of the University at the same time s/he initiates and conducts institutional and educational researches geared towards installing and developing research consciousness among the university constituency and research culture for the university.




  1. To initiate/conduct and publish institutional and educational researches related to the university’s vision, mission, and thrusts
  2. To produce high quality, peer-reviewed papers
  3. To conduct research activities that directly serve instructional issues and concerns such as the updating of course content, new methods of teaching and learning, assessment and grading, and many others
  4. To organize and head the University’s Academic Research Bureau
  5. To design and implement research fellowship programs for the faculty with the goal of raising faculty involvement in research
  6. To organize discussions, research colloquia, and other non-print forms in disseminating research news and outputs
  7. To coordinate research activities of faculty and students in the colleges and to enforce applicable institutional policies
  8. To monitor and facilitate the improvement of accuracy of institutional data and report information in a timely manner to support the decision-making process in the university


  1. To oversee the production of papers of faculty members and university researchers
  2. To supervise college research coordinators in coordination with the deans for the operation of college research councils and implementation of the University’s research agenda and college research agenda


  1. To lead in the identification of an academic research agenda for the university appropriate to the academic disciplines and programs covered by the colleges and fulfilling articulated advocacy directions in education and development
  2. To lead in the development of a University Research Data Bank in coordination with the different offices of the University
  3. To report to the OIC/VR of Academic Affairs

Network Building

  1. To establish new links with external partners and build upon existing relationships to establish the university as one of the centers of policy, development, and evidence-based research
  2. To access funds and grants for institutional and other researches and attract income from a variety of sources that will establish and sustain an institute for research of/by the university
  3. To ensure the presence of the university in high profile and relevant national research conferences, and if feasible, international conferences
  4. To participate in collaborative researches with other universities or research institutions and organizations


  1. To assume roles and responsibilities in line with the job as may be assigned by the OIC/VR OAA or by the Office of the President


College Research Council (CRC)

College Research Council (CRC) shall be headed by the College Research Coordinator and composed of research instructors and advisers in the College. The CRC shall define the college research agenda based on the University Research Theme and Agenda. It shall also approve of student research titles, advisers, and panelists and schedule and organize defenses. It shall also attempt to enrich and elevate the quality of student researches. The CRC shall also be responsible for the publications of the College. The College Research Coordinator shall oversee the functions of the College Research Council and organize faculty researches which could be collaborative with student researches. He shall also be a member of the University Research Bureau. A faculty research output is expected from the CRC every semester or academic year depending on the extensiveness of the research design.


College Research Coordinator (CRCoord)

Job Description

  1. To act as the Chair of the College Research Council that defines the college research agenda based on the University Research Agenda and Theme and approves the student research titles and composition of advisers, panelists
  2. To disseminate and organize the schedules of the college research defenses
  3. To organize faculty researches which could be collaborative with student researches and coordinate in the production of the said researches
  4. To disseminate policies and information related to research in the college level
  5. To prepare and submit reports, research program and activity to the Dean
  6. To be a member of the University Research Bureau and attend meetings called by concerned agencies
  7. To assist the Academic Research Coordinator in enriching and elevating the quality of student researches in the college level and in the implementation of the institutional research program and activities
  8. To lead in the development of a College Research Data Bank in coordination with the Academic Research Coordinator
  9. To coordinate in establishing new links with external partners in relation to the college research agenda
  10. To perform all other functions that may be assigned to him/her as long as in line with and or connected to college research programs and activities
  11. To carry a load of 3 units’ package in basic salary based on Academic Rank.


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