Office of Academic Affairs

Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) is one of the divisions under the Office of the Rector and President. Under the supervision of OAA are the Offices of the Deans, Basic Education Department, and academic support offices like the University Registrar, Office of Student Services (OSS), University Library and Information Services (ULIS), and Office of Guidance and Testing (OGT).


The primary function of the office is to take care of the academic counterpart of the University. Specifically, the office aims to provide directions to the Legazpi Thomasian community in the pursuit of academic excellence through various programs and projects, design relevant programs for faculty development which results to total development, and assist the governing body of the university in standards and policy formulations which are research-based.


  1. Offer academic programs compliant with disciplinary requirements and responsive to students needs and society;
  2. Develop alternative course programs;
  3. Develop comprehensive and sustainable faculty development program;
  4. Design, implement and assess out-of-classroom learning experiences and related co-curricular program;
  5. Obtain a passing percentage above the national average in licensure/government examinations;
  6. Promote collaboration and membership with local and international organizations dedicated to instruction, research and extension;
  7. Develop a center for training and development of professionals;
  8. Engage the faculty and students in community development and extension programs, and;
  9. Sustain the Center for Bikol Studies that promotes cultural advocacy for genuine appreciation of Bicol identity.

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