Human Resource and Management Office

Human Resource and Management Office

Human Resource and Management Office (HRMO) is a fast-moving field that plays a vital role in every institution. Recognizing the importance of this office, University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi ensures that an efficient and competent HR team is fully equipped to handle all facets of the department, supports the Vision, Mission, and Goals of the University pertaining to human resources, and manage to balance its priorities while keeping the employees’ needs in mind. HRMO is also responsible for recruiting new hires, manages benefits & timekeeping, and engages in training & development.

Our Vision

In support of UST-L becoming a premier Catholic institution of learning, we envision the Human Resource Management Office as a strategic department, providing the University with excellent and innovative human resource services and workforce, policies, systems and procedures, based on ISO 9001:2015.

Our Mission

We, the Human Resource Management Office, support the mission and goals of UST-Legazpi. We honor and value the University’s most important resource, its people by promoting a productive and diverse community through services, guidance, and education. We commit ourselves to:

  • hire competent and qualified professionals;
  • promote professional advancement thru personnel development;
  • attend to employees’ welfare and work conditions; and
  • develop teamwork and emotional maturity.

Our Objectives

Moral and Spiritual Formation

  • To participate in spiritual, moral, and emotional formation programs of the community
  • To encourage employees’ participation in recollection/retreats activities.

Emotional Development

  • To design emotional development program that will develop positive culture among employees
  • To promote and participate in wellness programs of the university

Academic Formation

  • To hire, maintain and develop faculty members in compliance with the requirement of the government agencies such as DEPEd, CHED, and LEB
  • To design personal development programs that will support the continuous personal and professional growth of the employees
  • To support and engage in community involvement and conduct research on effective administration of the human resource management programs towards organizational development;

Governance and Management


  • To submit required reports on time
  • To formulate a comprehensive strategic human resource management plan of the University Records Management, ISO, Data Privacy
  • To ensure strict compliance to policies, procedures and guidelines pertaining to quality management standards  and systems

Human Resource Management

  • To provide the needed manpower of the university 
  • To ensure the retention of qualified and efficient employees of the university
  • To design and provide development programs that will support the continuous personal and professional growth of the employees
  • To provide support in the development and implementation of personnel-related policies, standards, rules, and regulations 
  • To enforce policies on the employment terms and conditions pursuant to labor laws and the Collective Bargaining Agreement;
  • To facilitate personnel actions on selection, hiring, promotion, transfer, separation, retirement, and disciplinary sanctions;
  • To review and develop compensation benefits and other fringe benefits 

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