Our Vision

We envision the Educational Technology Center as a department, leading, advocating, innovative and providing the university of Santo Tomas-Legazpi community access to information technology resources and services based on international quality standards, ISO: 2015 by 2021.


Our Mission

  • With our expertise in information technology, we the Educational Technology Center commit ourselves to:
  • The development, upgrade and recommendation of information systems;
  • The availability, integrity, and confidentiality of digital data;
  • The enhancements of academic programs through educational media, tools and various delivery platforms;
  • The maintenance and modernization of computers and other information technology equipment;
  • The building of excellent technology infrastructure; and
  • The provision of exceptional technical services.


Our Objectives

  1. Moral and Spiritual Formation
  • To participate in the moral and spiritual institutional activities.
  • To impart technical knowledge in service to the community.

Emotional Development

  • To promote within the university work ethic in the spirit of service, collegiality, and solidarity;
  • To participate in social, political, economic, cultural and environmental advocacies and programs of the University;
  • To promote health of mind and body through sustained wellness programs.

Academic Formation

  • To provide the teaching personnel with a secured and reliable alternative learning environment to supplement the traditional delivery of instruction in the form of digital and online modes.
  • To lead in the training and mentoring of the teaching personnel in the e-learning practices and needs.

Governance and Management

  • To protect information from being accessed by unauthorized parties.
  • To ensure the authenticity and availability of information from being accessed by authorized parties.
  • To keep modernized information technology setup, tools, and equipment.
  • To fully implement ISO systems and procedures.

Google Workspace for Education Responsible Use Guidelines

The Educational Technology Center Department of UST-Legazpi provides access to Google Workspace for all active students, faculties, and staffs in the University. This provides students with Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Classroom, Google Calendar, online storage, online document creation and editing, and safe sharing of information within the platform. In this regard, this document describes the tools and student responsibilities for using these services.

  1. Issued UST-L Email Account – All students, faculties, and staff will be assigned a ”username@ust-legazpi.edu.ph” email account. This account is the primary online communication method between students and their teachers for homework submission and assistance. This will be considered as the student’s official UST-L email address until such time as the student is no longer enrolled at University of Santo Tomas – Legazpi.
  2. Calendar – An individual Google Calendar providing the ability to organize schedules, daily activities, and assignments.
  3. An Online Document Editing Tool – With Google Workspace for Education, each student has access to their own “Google Drive”. This is an official “cloud” space where students can create word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from any computer with Internet access.
  4. An Online Storage Space – Students, faculties, and staff can only store up to 20GB of files in their school official “cloud” space (space shared with email storage). Students can store any kind of file: documents of any file format, video files, images, presentations, etc. but as we reiterate, the storage for UST-L mail accounts must only be used for Academic-related files only. In addition, Google Drive offers an online creation/editing tool that does not count towards the 20GB quota. Files stored on Google Drive are not erased at the end of the school year and will be retained and accessible as long as the student is enrolled in the University.
  5. Access Restriction – Access to and use of student email is considered a privilege accorded at the discretion of UST-L. The school maintains the right to immediately withdraw the access and use of these services including email when there is reason to believe that violations of school policies have occurred. In such cases, the alleged violation will be referred to a school Administrator for further investigation and adjudication.
  6. Security – UST-L does not guarantee the security of electronic files located on Google systems. Although Google does have a powerful content filter in place for email, the school cannot assure that users will not be exposed to unsolicited information.
  7. Privacy – The general right of privacy will be extended to the extent possible in the electronic environment. UST-L users should treat electronically stored information in individuals’ files as confidential and private. However, students, faculties, and staff email are strictly prohibited from accessing files and information other than their own.
  8. Support Agreement – Support for the Google Workspace: email, Drive/Docs, G-Classroom, G-Meet and other available Google services is being offered through ETC and will include basic end-user documentation and troubleshooting assistance. When using the services, users will be expected to leverage the online help functions of Google Services whenever possible. For online help documentation, please see the Google Help Center.

New LMS Training for Selected CASE Faculty was conducted on March 31, 2023 at ETC MAC Laboratory. The opening remarks was given by the ETC Director, Fr. Jeremy E. Realubit, OP, MSIT and the training was led by Mr. Eugene M. Dimacuta, ETC Programmer.


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