The Center for Religious Education (CREED), as the teaching arm of the Religious Affairs Division, mandated to fulfill the evangelizing mission of the university, is tasked to formulate and implement a comprehensive religious/doctrinal formation program of the university through formal education and to oversee and assess its implementation.  Specifically, it manages the religious education curriculum program of the university across all levels.


We, the Center for Religious Education, fulfilling the prophetic ministry of the university, envision the department as a prominent center of Christ-centered religious instruction for the formation of the Legazpi-Thomasians as witnesses of Truth and Love out of gratitude.


 We, the Center for Religious Education, leading in the prophetic mission of the University, commit ourselves to:

  • the witnessing and preaching of Jesus Christ through assiduous study and teaching of the Incarnate Word;
  • the nurturing and strengthening of moral integrity through contextualized religious instruction that develops the reason, deepens the faith and internalizes the Catholic, Dominican and Bicol values; and
  • the evangelizing of the Legazpi-Thomasian community to be sharers of Christ, the Truth, through loving service to others.


  1. To foster robust catechetical formation program to the Legazpi-Thomasian community that develops their deep religious and doctrinal life.
  2. To promote and strengthen the passion for Truth and Compassion for humanity through the deepening of the Dominican spirituality among the Legazpi-Thomasians.
  3. To amplify and implement the Salamanca Process in advocating social justice, protection of human dignity and right, respect for cultural diversity, and stewardship of creation.
  4. To offer psycho-spiritual formation programs centered on the Gospel values and the Dominican tradition.
  5. To develop and implement religious educational curriculum which are socially relevant, comprehensively researched, doctrinally sound and morally transformative.
  6. To capacitate religious education teachers with solid doctrinal foundation, spiritual, moral and emotional formation grounded in Dominican-Thomistic Tradition.
  7. To produce quality, socially relevant research papers and other research outputs on religious instruction, spiritual formation and contemporary social issues.
  8. To coordinate all efforts in the application of quality systems and procedures, and sound resource management in the formulation and implementation of catechetical, spiritual and moral formation programs.

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