Sta. Catalina Ladies Dormitory is your home away from home. For female students who wish to stay in the campus, the dormitory offers reasonable services. Living in this dorm gives you added benefits. Aside from being near the campus, you can also avail of good facilities and services. With its clean and spacious rooms, gives you the chance to study without interruptions or just mingle with your fellow dorm mates. Here, you can definitely set aside your initial fears of being away from home and other intimidating factors. Dorm life, especially when in Sta. Catalina Ladies Dormitory could be pure fun and development. Staying at Sta. Catalina Ladies dormitory is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as the benefits of living in a communal life is priceless and is essential in your preparation after college graduation.

Here, you can also meet other students so you can always find someone to do something with or hang out with. In this dormitory, it will open your eyes on what it’s like to be on the real world. You will be exposed to the myriad of cultures from outside and within the Bicol region. Living in this dorm will enlighten you that being away from your comfort zone is not scary at all! You don’t have to worry of everything else as the Sta. Catalina Ladies Dormitory staff will take care of everything. Reservation is done on a first come first served basis.


Contact Information

Sta. Catalina Ladies Dormitory

Aquinas University of Legazpi

Rawis, Legazpi City 4500

Contact Person: Mrs. Cathy B. Lim

Dormitory Supervisor

Tel Nos: (052) 482-0542 or 482-0355

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