In his last year at the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, Aedam, a graduating Communication student takes one of the biggest roles in the university a student ever has to take – to be this year’s Supreme Student Council President and will be leading more than three thousand Tertiary Legazpi Thomasians to a new school year . . . all in the name of student service.

Aedam Isidore Llorente Ampongan, a graduating Communication student, takes his seat as the 2023-2024 President of the Supreme Student Council (SSC) of the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi, leading thousand of Legazpi Thomasians toward a new school year that awaits them.

Before entering UST-Legazpi, Aedam already has a very busy and full of engagement student life at his former school. He has always been a leader, volunteer, singer, and journalist. However, these roles changed when he entered the university. Ampongan instilled immediately in his mind that he will keep a low profile – one that is away from the spotlight.

However, come the covid-19 pandemic, Aedam heard a calling.

“There was this feeling that something was missing and while it felt great to have a lot of time for myself, there was something hollow,” he said. Looking for that missing piece didn’t come easy as he wasn’t able to find it immediately.

“Not until the next academic year, when applications for our college’s student council opened. Then and there I knew what was missing: the sense of service; the involvement, the ability to serve and be a helping hand to others,” Aedam added.

Returning to serving the students, Isidore became the Business Manager of TALAC, the student organization of their program; Staff Writer and was promoted to External Communication Manager of the Aquinian Herald, the official student publication of the university, and; Public Relations Officer to becoming President of the CASE Student Council. Apart from this, he is also a university scholar through his engagement in the UST-Legazpi Chorale and Strings Ensemble where he is Vice President.

“As I re-entered the life of being a student leader, from my starting point, I visualized going beyond, being a president, someone who is a “people’s person”. A person who can help, influence, and contribute something that would uplift the organization that I am in, the institution that I am standing in, and the people whom I will be serving,” he continued.

Given that, Aedam decided to firm up his decision and ran for the supreme presidency. He knew that from the very beginning requires a lot so he made sure to envision himself by reinforcing the person he wanted to be – a leader, an inspiration, and a contributor to the organization he will be holding soon and the constituents he soon will be serving.

“I ran for the position because I know that there should be someone who would stand up and say ‘I AM WITH YOU’,” he said.

“A person that they can count on, and a person that they can trust,” he added.

Long story short, Aedam became the 2023 – 2024 SSC President with his banner slogan, “AEDAMing kayang GAWIN, AEDAMing kayang IBIGAY sa ngalan ng Tatak Tomasinong Serbisyo.”

“A person with a heart, vision, and mission…”, Aedam described himself as a leader. “A leader who is purposeful enough and driven to take action towards making progress”.

“And in the name of student service, for as long as there is one person who believes in your ability to fulfill your duty honorably, there’s no reason for you to stop being a leader,” he continued.

When asked what his visions are for the coming school year with him as the top student leader, Aedam said that under his leadership, things will be more people-centered, focused on building opportunities and platforms where students and the whole UST-Legazpi community will be seen, heard, and represented.

“This will be a new beginning for everyone. Where togetherness will be the new definition of our identity in living a life of truth and love out of gratitude,” Aedam said.

Legazpi Thomasians, according to the new SSC President will be seeing more from him and his council as he does not only stand by himself but also stands together with his team, and subsequently with every Legazpi Thomasian where no one will be left behind.

“Academic excellence, enrichment of culture and arts, and intensification of our Thomaisan identity will be the core foundation of our term as your student leaders for this coming academic year.”

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