As part of the university’s mission to prepare Legazpi Thomasians from enrolment to employment, the Office of Media, Alumni, and Public Affairs (MAPA) conducted this year’s “PABALON: A Comprehensive Guide to Career and Employment” on March 16, 2023 at the UST-Legazpi Dome. Prime attendees were the university’s tertiary graduating students for SY 2022-2023.

Pabalon, a Bikol term meaning “give away” is the third to the last leg of the Enhanced Placement Program (EPP) of the university. This aims to give UST-Legazpi’s graduating class a glimpse of what it is like to work in actual jobs. This year’s lineup of resource speakers came from different fields and had various expertise.

First on the list is Atty. Ma. Elena Millano, an alumna of UST-Legazpi and the loving wife of the Dean of the College of Law, Atty. Leandro M. Millano. Atty. Elena shared her story of becoming a lawyer in hopes to inspire the audience as she put at center the importance of Legazpi Thomasian Core Values in the world of work.

Next is Mr. Christian C. Antiquiera, a Senior Human Resource Specialist from the Civil Service Commission – Bicol. He gladly unleashed the Hero behind every civil servant and how promising it is to work in the government for the betterment of the Filipino people.

Joining the seminar virtually were Kristina Lorraine Yan-De Claro, a Talent Acquisition from DXC, and Vincent Lazarus N. Mendoza, a Senior Manager from Ernst and Young. The two tackled what top skills companies are currently looking for from fresh graduates and how to boost productivity at work.

Serving as a highlight of the said event was Mr. Kim Brian Chua, General Manager of, an IT company focused on providing innovative solutions that enable schools to equip its job-ready graduates to meet the complex demands of the current generation’s employers.

Through Mr. Chua, graduating participants were taught how to create a resume that is adept to the current trends of job hunting, and acing the interview through proper grooming and intelligently answering interview questions.

In the end, Kristina D. Azaña, MBA, Director of the Office of Media, Alumni, and Public Affairs (MAPA) delivered the closing remarks citing how Pabalon invites the participants to look deeper into their Legazpi Thomasian identity and to see where their values will be most applicable.

“Whatever path you choose, Pabalon gives you something to look back on,” Azaña said.

“On the occasion of UST-Legazpi’s Diamond Jubilee Anniversary, ini ang pabalon mi saindo,” she continued.

“Whenever you wear your Pabalon statement shirt, when you leave the portals of your alma matter, when you appear for your job interview, and when you finally live your dreams, may you always be proud to say ‘I am a Legazpi Thomasian’.”

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