A total of sixty-seven Little Legazpi Thomasians from the Preschool and Elementary (PSE) Department of UST-Legazpi marched at the Daragang Magayon Hall (DMH) for their 14th Moving Up and 11th Graduation Ceremonies held on June 8, 2023.

During this year’s moving-up ceremonies, twenty preschool completers capped this academic year held in the morning of the said date. Rev. Fr. Ramiro M. De Belen, OP, Vice President for Religious Affairs served as the guest speaker who took the time to engage the young completers in his speech which he expressed through storytelling.

Titled as “The Gratitude Squad”, Fr. Ram instilled the act of gratitude as one of the core values of the university, into the minds of this year’s preschool completers.

Captain Thank You (who could brighten up someone’s day through a single thank you), Gratitude Girl (who always has a smiling face and grateful heart), Professor Positivity (whose shield can oppose villains’ bullets), and Wonder Empathy (with a power to put herself into other people’s shoes and understand their feelings), served as the main cast of Fr. Ram’s children’s tale with a moral on creating positive change through a grateful heart.

Meanwhile, Kristina Emmanuella T. Nieves, Preschool Completer, amazingly delivered this year’s message of thanks which circled on thanking her teachers, classmates, and parents.

“As we move on to our 1st Grade, I want to remind my fellow completers that we are capable of doing great things. We have learned so much this year, and I know that we will continue to learn and grow in the years ahead,” Kristina said.

On the other hand, the afternoon of June 8 was dedicated to the forty-seven Elementary Graduates in PSE’s graduation ceremonies with the university’s Rector and President, Rev. Fr. Ernesto M. Arceo, OP, STL, PhD, as the guest speaker.

“This graduation became more significant as it falls on the 75th anniversary of the university. Seventy-five years of imparting values and formation, and the education of the thousands of young men and women who have come to the university for their development,” Fr. Ernie opened his message.

The said university leader also highlighted the diamond jubilee theme of the university “Vita Gratitudinis”, a latin phrase that means a life of gratitude with which his message revolved.

In the end, Fr. Arceo thanked the parents who entrusted their children to the university in terms of giving good education and formation through the collaborative efforts of their teachers.

“We hope that what you have learned with us, especially the very true meaning and value of gratitude contributed to the joy and excitement and happiness of your life in the future,” he ended.

On the other hand, Gainelle Alecxa S. Ortega, Academic Excellence Awardee (With High Honors) from the elementary department, delivered the graduating class’ address of thanks.

“Before we embark on another journey, I would like to say thank you for all the wonderful memories and strong bond we made, the lessons we learned, the tears we shed, and most of all, the laughter we shared together. I will never forget your funny jokes and your heartwarming words. No goodbyes, just see you around,” Ortega said.

“Receiving our diplomas today would not mean the end, but rather the beginning of another blank page that we have yet to fill in, with new memories and learnings,” she added.

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