Romina Villamor, a tertiary instructor of UST-Legazpi is one of the 3,992 passers of the 2022 BAR Examinations

Romina Esposito Villamor, a tertiary instructor for Languages and Teacher Education at the University of Santo Tomas-Legazpi is one of the 3,992 passers of the 2022 BAR Examinations held last November 2022.

“Ma’am Mina” to many, recalls her experience from the BAR as an emotional one. During an interview before the release of the results, tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes as she walked through her BAR journey. Flashbacks to the afternoon of the fourth and final day of the examinations, when it was time for remedial law, considered one of the hardest subjects of the BAR, Ma’am Mina started crying.

“When I opened the first item of Remedial Law, tears were already flowing from my eyes because when I saw the questions, I knew how to answer them from A to E,” she said.

“And because of my tears I could not any more see the screen of my laptop but my hands were just moving, my fingers were typing and just flowing naturally giving answers to the BAR questions and I think it was the happiest day of the BAR journey,” she continued.

“I have not passed the BAR yet (at that moment) but at that time when I clicked the finished button from the menu, I felt that I already passed because finishing it is one stage, passing it is another stage,” Romina added.

Emotional it is for Romina because out of the 10,006 examinees, 9,183 only were able to finish strongly “so, for me, the last day. It was already my victory.”

Preparing for the BAR is another story for Ma’am Mina. She followed traditions including what to wear during the exams, what to eat, following a strict study schedule, and even sacrifices in terms of sleep, taking a bath, and spending time with the family was all part of it – all in an average of six months of review apart from the long years in law school.

But if there’s one thing that fueled her to continue, Romina said, “I prayed. I prayed as if my life depended on it and I studied as if my life depended on it.”

Asked why she venture into Law studies, Romina firmly answered “Service.”

As the UST-Legazpi’s Union President, an organization formed by workers to negotiate for better workers’ rights, Romina felt being called to serve her constituents with enough knowledge on the law – to defend laborers’ rights, to be able to share knowledge to empower them, to teach them what their rights are and what the law could provide for them.

The BAR journey brought Romina into an intense closeness with the Lord as she shared. Surrendering everything, “I told the Lord, if this is what’s required of us, whatever is lacking, whatever is missing, I prayed to Him to supply. After all, there is nothing anymore I could do at (that) moment.”

Last May 2, 2023, Atty. Romina E. Villamor, MALit, JD, took the oath-taking ceremony for bar inductees and signed the roll of attorneys together with the 3,992 passers of the 2022 BAR Examinations.

Atty. Romina E. Villamor, MALit, JD, stands for a photo during her oath-taking ceremony at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC)


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